Dedicated Expert Guidance

Retention Accelerators

What We Offer: A seasoned expert dedicated to your nonprofit. This professional will be your insightful partner, offering strategic guidance and thorough validation at every step.

Your Benefit: Unlock the full potential of your fundraising efforts with our expert’s deep knowledge and strategic acumen.

What We Offer: Implement cutting-edge marketing automations, like donor welcome series, that enhance donor experiences without the need for additional staff.

Your Benefit: Streamline your engagement processes, ensuring each donor feels acknowledged and valued, boosting your retention rates effortlessly.

Content Creation

Data Analytics

What We Offer: Effortlessly multiply your impact with our team of expert copywriters, graphic designers, and video editors. Surveys, appeals, social media content, gift catalogs, landing pages… you name it, we have done it.

Your Benefit: Augment your efforts and tell your story to more people with content crafted by fundraising experts.

What We Offer: Who are your top donors? How much should you ask for? What content resonates with our audience? Our Ph.D. analytics experts will give you data-informed answers and actionable tools.

Your Benefit: Get peace of mind and focus your efforts, knowing that you’re investing your time on opportunities with the highest potential ROI.

Social Media Management

Donor Engagement Automations

What We Offer: Expert management of your social media platforms, creating engaging and resonant content tailored to your audience.

Your Benefit: Enhance your brand’s digital footprint, connect with a wider audience, and foster stronger community engagement online.

What We Offer: Customized automations that make every donor feel seen and valued, enhancing both engagement and loyalty. Also saves you lots of money!

Your Benefit: Provide a personalized donor experience at scale, deepening relationships and fostering a loyal donor base.

Our Plans and Add-ons:

Starter Plan

  • Dedicated client dashboard
  • Access to our fundraising knowledge base
  • Starter plan fundraising campaign services
  • Training on fundraising writing best practices
  • Monthly group strategy sessions

Standard Plan
Everything on Starter plan, plus…

  • Data diagnostic analysis
  • Comprehensive planning for acquisition, retention, and leadership giving campaigns
  • Weekly meetings with strategist
  • 4 fundraising team training workshops
  • Real-time KPIs tracking on dashboard
  • Stewardship and gift renewal automations
  • Personalized ask amounts for entire list

Professional Plan
Everything on Standard plan, plus… 

  • We manage and build campaigns on all your platforms: email, donor database, website, analytics
  • We provide technology if you don’t have a certain tool: surveys, landing pages, interactive campaigns
  • We create all content for your campaigns: writing, design, coding
  • Additional automations for: pledge collection, monthly giving, gift acknowledgment, new email subscribers, and more.


  • Leadership Giving: Asks Strategy and Tracking
  • Leadership Giving: Major Donor Interviews (Feasibility Study)
  • Social Media Management and Content Creation
  • Website build
  • Google Ad Grants Management
  • Online Ads: Creative, Setup, and Management
  • SEO and Google Analytics

Haven't Found the Service You're Looking For?

At the Annual Fund Toolkit, we understand that each nonprofit has unique needs. If you haven’t found the exact service you’re searching for, don’t worry! We’re here to help tailor our offerings to perfectly align with your goals.